About Us

Kindergarten Horizons (DV Obzori) provides high quality education to children from the international, diplomatic and business as well as the Croatian community of Zagreb.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent standards of childcare to children of many nationalities.

Our aim is to provide high quality education in a warm, happy, secure and stimulating environment where children are encouraged to reach their full potential.

We have an English language program verified by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of Croatia. Annual plans and educational goals are written in detail and turned in every year to be reviewed by the Ministry.

Our kindergarten from 2012/13 school year is involved in the Multicultural Project called Comenius.The aim of the project is to create partnerships with other European schools to work on projects which are pedagocigal relevant. It helps us to enhance the qualitie and reinforce the european dimension of education. Our kindergarten works closely with the schools and kindergartens from Slovenia, Greece, Denmark , Germany, Spain and Hungary. The name of our project is Active in Europe. To find out more about the project please visit our blog..

We are happy to continue these early learning programs into our Primary school which was opened in Fall 2013 and is located at Sveti Duh 122. For more information about our Bright Horizons school please visit www.britishschool-zagreb.hr

Our kindergartens are located in a green, quiet, residential area. We have created a stimulating and attractive atmosphere. Internally, rooms have been designed to meet the changing requirements of your child as they grow and develop. Walls are decorated with colourful displays, including examples of the children’s work connected usually with the current topics.

Externally we have a secure play area, full of trees and toys, that offers outdoor activities all year round.