Ana Marija Culibrk

“My both children have spent several wonderful years at Kindergarten Horizons. They have been surrounded with warmth and love of all personnel and their little friends. It is a place where they have felt like at home. They have learned a lot and they have been encouraged to expend their horizons in the international, multicultural environmental by very professional and enthusiastic teachers. Moreover, through fun and play they have excelled their English knowledge. We have left the kindergarten with the feeling of sadness and promise that we will come and visit their friends and teachers every time we can.”

Rachid Amani

“Horizons Kindergarten is always willing to do what is best for the children. Both of our daughters Sofia and Alicia – went there and they have so many wonderful memories. Some of those would include things such as ‘Farm Day’, Theatre and, in even Skiing. The Kindergarten is also offering many extra activities such as Pilates, Dance, Music or Art class and the kids just love it. The teachers and staff are wonderful and really love what they are doing. Our children did not speak English at all when they entered the Kindergarten and now English is almost their main language. Compare to other Kindergarten, the outdoor playground is quite big which is really appreciated by the kids especially during sunny days. Thank you for having our children in your premises; our daughters will really miss the Kindergarten.”

Sushmitha Ramachandran

“My daughter initially started kindergarten three days of the week. She enjoyed it so much that she requested on going all 5 days. International Horizons Kindergarten has caring teachers, providing high level of childcare in a very friendly and nurturing environment.”

Rebecca James

“My daughter Lucy was at Horizons for 6 months and she loved it there. She had a few tears in the first 2 weeks whilst settling in which is normal but then she obviously really enjoyed going and even asked if she could on the weekends! She used to go running in in the mornings without a backward glance which was lovely as it showed how much she enjoyed it. We liked the routine that she had at Horizons as we feel that children learn well when in a routine and this was obvious for example she learnt how to tidy up at home and would tell us that it was tidy up time. Lucy made friends at Horizons and would often talk about the other children in her class and her teacher even after we left Zagreb. “

Aari Lemmik

“Our experience with international kindergarten Horizons has been very pleasant: the atmosphere is child-friendly, the staff is very professional and our daughters enjoyed their year in Horizons, although they did not speak a word of English in the beginning. My kids were especially happy with differnet extracurricular activities that were provided by kindergarten such as day-trips to farms and castles, arts and crafts classes as well as skiing and tennis-training. I also appreciated very much the fact that the kindergarten had a spacious backyard where kids could play and get some fresh air.