We provide high quality education and care by trained staff under the guidance of the Principal and Pedagogue. Each teacher has responsibility for a small group of children to ensure that each child’s progress is monitored carefully.

We keep observation records, “the foundation stage profile”, so that we have a full picture of the child’s development. Parent-teacher meetings are organized once a term and parents will be notified about the dates.

The teachers in our kindergarten always strive to:

· Be patient and supportive

· Promote creativity, discovery and exploration

· Encourage children to take initiative in selecting activities

· Understand the individual capabilities of children

· Interact with children by talking and listening to them

· Allow children to be independent and do things for themselves

· Offer choices of activities and materials

· Set and enforce reasonable limits

· Be willing to use different methods of care to meet each child’s abilities and needs.

All teachers have a high standard of English.