Parents and communication

Parents are the child’s first educators and have valuable knowledge of their children, which we will want to share.

The Principal, Kindergarten Pedagogue and teachers are always willing to see parents but it is essential to make an appointment.

The folders and home/school books are introduced as a mean of communication with parents. Every day the child brings his/her folder at home with his/ her work. If you have a message for the teacher please send to school a written note in the folder. Please check the folder for any messages from the teacher.

Every Monday a newsletter with the activities, events and news of the week for every group is posted at the bulletin board in the entryway and posted on the Yahoo group designed just for kindergarten Horizon’s parents. On Yahoo group you can find Weekly reports, Photos of the activities and Kindergarten’s news. The Group is also organised for Horizons parents to communicate and discuss information related to what is going on at the kindergarten.

If you want to make a suggestion, complaint or comment, please do so. We need your positive criticism, since we aim to offer the best to your children. For any non-urgent matters directly related to your child, please don’t disturb teachers during normal school hours when they are busy with children. Instead, make an appointment with the teacher,Pedagogue or Principal.

Please respect that teachers are busy with children during the school day and that unplanned discussions with teachers can often be disruptive.

Parents are requested to speak English while being on the kindergarten’s premises. If they have to use their mother tongue, they should do it as quietly as possible.