How do young children learn self-control, self-help, ways to get along with others, and adapt to school procedures?

Such learning occurs when parents and teachers are continuously involved in setting limits, encouraging desired behaviours, and making decisions together.

At Kindergarten Horizons rules and routines are set up to provide children with guidelines of expected behaviour. These guidelines are set up not only to teach children respect for themselves, but also to learn respect for others.

Our goal is to teach children to develop their own set of internal controls and enable them to control and guide their own behaviour.

Children will always be talked to about why certain behaviour is not acceptable. When a child misbehaves or acts inappropriately, redirection, distraction and/or firm limit setting will be used in the first hand. Calming down time will be used if misbehaviour continues. This is not to cause any type of shame or punishment to the child. Our main concern is the safety and well being of your child.

The staff at kindergarten Horizons practices a positive approach to discipline.

This approach will:

* Increase the child’s self esteem

* Allow the child to feel valued

* Encourage the child to feel cooperative

* Enable the child to learn gradually the many skills involved in taking responsibility for what happens

* Motivate the child to change his or her strategy than to blame others

* Help the child to take initiative, relate to others and solve problems.

* Teachers use the terms “nice” and “not nice” rather than “good” or “bad.”

This method addresses the problem and not the child. Our goal is to help parents raise healthy and productive children.

Please keep in mind that children are not permitted to bring toy weapons (guns, knives, water-pistols, swords) of any kind to school. There are no exceptions.